Ever wondered how professional bakers, achieve those professional straight edges, wonder no more !! The answer is here  


For Ganached Cakes

Simply place a little oil, tin glide or shortening onto your guide,

add the ganache to the top of your cake and gently press the acrylic guide down onto the ganache (oiled side down).

Place the cake in the fridge for 15 min or until the top is set and stable, do not remove the top.

Ganache your cake around the sides like you would usually do, scrape the sides of your cake with a scraper until you can see the edge of the acrylic guide clearly.

Pop the cake back in the fridge and set ,

remove the top with a warm knife and fill any little air bubbles with some more ganache.

Now you have a perfectly ganached cake.


For Buttercream

Cut a baking paper to the same size as your acrylic guide,

Crumb coat  the cake as usual,

Place the baking paper on the top of your cake and add a little buttercream to the baking paper to stick the acrylic guide to the top, then add more buttercream to your cake using the acrylic disk as a guide.

Pop the cake in the fridge to set

Remove the acrylic guides and baking paper.

You will have perfect sharp edges.


Our cake guides come as a set of 2 per pack.

Each guide has a 10mm hole in the centre to assist in stacking your cake tiers


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